Welcome to NSA Limousine Policy

1. All deposits are NON refundable.

2. All cancellations and changes are to be called in.

3. All Sedan cancellations must be done three hours prior scheduled pick-up time for pick-ups within Fairfield County and Westchester County. All Sedan cancellations for pickup in NYC and Airports must be called in 5 hours in advance. All late cancellations, no show and cancellations on location are subject to full charge plus tolls, parking  and/or wait time as applicable.

4. All SUVs, vans and minivans cancellations must be announced 24 hours in advance. Cancellation fees apply accordingly beyond this time limit.

5. Stretch Limousine, party-buses, limo-buses, hummers, and other luxury vexicles are charged fully 4 weeks prior to the trip and are non-refundable.

6. Company is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while on charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the limousine caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. A fee of 100.00 for each carpet or seat burn. Sanitation fee is 250.00. Alcohol Consumption and drug use is prohibited by law. Any fines will be paid for by the customer. The driver has the right to terminate run without refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s)). It is Illegal to stand through the sunroof. Smoking is not permitted in some of our limousines and this is left to the discretion of the driver.

7. Full overtime pay will apply after the first 15 minutes of prearranged time described on the run sheet. Thereafter, waiting time is calculated in 15 minutes intervals by prorating the current hourly rate for the vehicle type requested.

8. Train schedules and private jets cannot be monitored, therefore billing begins at the scheduled pickup time.

9. Not responsible for delays or the termination in winter caused by unsafe road conditions (ie. not salted, accidents, etc.).

10. Not responsible for articles left in the limousine.

11. Payment information must be submitted prior service, or company reserves its right to cancel reservation.

12. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity. The driver has the right to refuse any overload and terminate run on location if no agreement is reached. and ride is charged as cancel on location. Additional charge is applicable if a second car or a larger vehicle is needed to fit the overload. Any damage caused by attempts to overload car by passenger will be paid by customer.

13. DIVERTED FLIGHTS -  If for any reason, a flight is diverted to a different location, cancellation time and/or waiting time applies subject to updated arrival time provided by the airline. WE DO NOT ABANDON OUR CUSTOMERS, and driver will wait until notification from the customer and/or office authorization to either cancel the trip or continue waiting until customer arrives. Full charge of trip is applied if trip is cancelled on location. Full charge plus wait time is applied if driver is to wait in the airport until flight is redirected to its original destination.

14. NSA Limousine reserves its right to cancel any of its reservations due to dangerous weather conditions, or any other circumstances beyond our control.

15. Airport pickup wait-return policy. Wait charges apply starting at the official flight arrival time, and ends half an hour or more after final dropoff. Final adjustments are made at the end of the ride.

16.TOLLS - Rates. Our total rates will include the base fare (point to point rate), gratuity, tolls (set rate by trip), and any additional charges incurred in accordance with NSA Limousine current rates and charges at the time the services are rendered.
Tolls are estimated per round trip point to point value and have fix value.

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